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The Bounce Back classes were excellent in restoring stability and pain free movement, they have made a big impact. One of my buddies is currently doing the upper back program with tremendous results. I have another mate about to come and see you also thus the word of mouth refferal system still thrives when someone receives great service.
John Davie

  A Revolutionary Exercise Rehabilitation System For Your Practice

BOUNCE Back is Australian owned, designed and managed. The dynamic program is constantly evolving through extensive research and feedback from their expanding network of highly skilled and specially trained healthcare providers.

The BOUNCE back system combines automated administration, support, invoicing, course booking and payment systems with fully researched and graded courses to provide a complete “off-the-shelf” active rehabilitation exercise oriented solution.

The current program consists of five individual eight week courses structured in a weekly class format. Classes can be run in group formats with up to eight people per class, or adapted for one-on-one sessions. Each weekly class progresses through a series of carefully designed and graded exercises selected from a pool of over 300 exercise options.

Participants receive an illustrated list of exercises and instructions to continue at home between classes.

BOUNCE Back classes consist of two streams:

* Lumbar spine & pelvis (Lower)

* Thoracic & cervical spine (Upper)

All classes progress through Beginners and Intermediate levels.

The Advanced Course merges the two streams and incorporates whole body and spinal control.

BOUNCE back beginners

Back to moving with confidence and control

Beginners focus on retraining the function of core stability muscles and applying this to everyday tasks. The program consists of very subtle exercises to retrain the brain, gradually progressing to more challenging ones. By the end of week eight, the participant will have re-learnt the correct patterning of muscular control, allowing them to move with improved confidence.

BOUNCE back intermediate

Back to favourite recreational activities

Intermediate participants will now have appropriate stabilising muscle activation (usually developed from the beginners course). The Intermediate level focus is on improving functional capacity, strength and stamina utilising the correct muscle patterns. This course enables the participant to return confidently to work and their favourite physical activities. The class is for those who have completed the beginners stream or have an appropriate level of spinal stability.

Intermediate is also suitable for fast-tracking recovery following hip, knee or ankle injury, or surgery.

Advanced Level

Back to full work & sport activities

This class consists of a carefully graded variety of dynamic and demanding exercises that build overall body strength and flexibility whilst maintaining spinal stability. The Advanced course is suitable for participants who have completed intermediate level classes in either the lower or upper back stream and have gained the appropriate strength and stability needed.

The Advanced Course is specially targeted for people who work in occupations requiring physical strength and stamina plus those involved in high level sports activities.

The Advanced course gives participants the confidence to return to full work & sport activities knowing their body is capable of the challenge. It is also a great ongoing exercise program and a safe alternative to gym based activities.

Research & Continuous Improvement

The reason that the BOUNCE back Spinal Stability program is different from any other core strengthening or ball based class is that it has been designed by one of Australia's premier spinal specialist physiotherapists with a view to delivering high-quality and consistent patient outcomes.

The BOUNCE back program has already been proven by research and this study continues. The results of this research as well as the feedback from the large network of specially trained class providers is fed back into the BOUNCE Back program to continuously improve the delivery and outcomes for all patients.

Innovative Solutions for Australian Active Rehabilitation

The BOUNCE Back system adopts new and proven techniques for rehabilitation while delivering a consistent and repeatable end-result to participants. All classes are delivered by tertiary trained exercise specialists who have attended extensive training before delivering classes within their selected venue.

Features of the BOUNCE Back program

  • Exercise classes follow a logical and functional progression based on the Australian designed Wisbey-Roth core stability grading system and supported by current medical research, focused research programs and exercise feedback.
  • An invaluable and effective transition for back and neck patients between hands on therapy and a return to work and physical activities.
  • A safe and viable pre-training option for clients wishing to attend Pilates or gym.
  • A thoroughly researched and structured progression of exercises which encourage long term recovery from back and neck pain.
  • Classes are systematically maintained and updated to reflect current understanding while incorporating the best of ideas and results as experienced by the growing number of trained instructors and BOUNCE back class participants.
  • The BOUNCE back system represents a total packaged and proven solution for exercise specialists or those wanting to extend their exercise rehabilitation stream.
  • A centralised web-based database and agency network allows operational processes, business ideas, media and advertising techniques and practice tricks to be shared between like-minded BOUNCE back instructors.
  • A flexible centrally managed invoicing system promotes the potential for maximum re-imbursement possibility from applicable compensable bodies and health funds for BOUNCE back products. This means less work and more return for your effort.
  • All BOUNCE back instructors have an active channel for feedback and input to the future development, changes and improvement of the system.
  • BOUNCE back instructors become part of a dynamic network of like-minded exercise focussed health-care professionals who communicate freely on all aspects of practice issues.
  • BOUNCE Back agents have full support in all areas including marketing, business management, exercise procedures, stretching and more.